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Leasing vs. Purchasing Interior Office Plants: What’s the Right Move?

Office plants in conference roomIf you’re interested in adding interior plants to your office, you’re making a great choice—plants have many health benefits for employees and are an excellent way to make your environment more visually appealing. But should you lease interior plants or buy them?

That depends on your situation. There are advantages with both options, and the right choice for your company depends on several factors.

Leasing Plants 

Many people aren’t aware that plant leasing is an option, but it’s a great fit for lots of businesses. If your interior plant program involves leasing, you won’t have any upfront fees except for a minor installation charge. It’s perfect for companies that don’t want to spend a lot of capital, as the cost of the plants and their maintenance is rolled into a monthly payment plan.

You also might want to consider leasing plants for other reasons. One big advantage to leasing is that it’s easier to change your interior design. You may want to have fresh options for seasonal arrangements, or just for a change of pace, and that’s much cheaper and simpler to do when leasing. Companies that provide a plant leasing option are usually more than happy to swap out old plants for new ones, which can be especially useful if you plan on redesigning your office or changing locations in the near future.

Purchasing Plants

Buying your plants is a more traditional option, and it’s usually the better choice if you have capital to spend up front. Monthly fees to maintain purchased plants are minimal, and will be significantly less than leasing fees. This saves your business money over time.

Some companies opt to purchase plants and take care of all maintenance themselves. At Engledow, we don’t recommend this approach because nobody can maintain your plants better than a professional—and because replacing dead or dying plants can cost you even more in the long run.

When you purchase plants, keep in mind that you’re tied to the containers you’ve picked. If you’re the type of business that likes to regularly update your look, it might be smart to check out the leasing option.

No matter if you choose to lease your interior plants or purchase them, adding vegetation to your office is one of the best ways to create a healthier, more appealing environment. Our team at Engledow can help you out with either option—including long-term maintenance plans backed by the Engledow Guarantee. If you’re looking for a happier, greener office and would like to learn more about our plant leasing and purchasing options, contact us today.