Looking for Groundcover Alternatives to Grass? Here Are Some Ideas.

Looking for Groundcover Alternatives to Grass? Here Are Some Ideas.

There are plenty of groundcover alternatives to grass that can add unique colors and textures to your yard, which isn’t possible with even the most well-manicured turf. In the following article, you’ll find some of our favorite groundcovers and brief explanations about why you might consider using them on your property. Continue reading

Three Steps for Getting Started with Your First Indoor Plant

A variety of indoor plants sitting in a sunny window

Whatever your knowledge about interior plants, we want to help you learn more about why taking care of them is such a rewarding experience. They not only add beauty to your home, but also provide significant health benefits—and once you know what to do, getting started is simple. Following are three easy steps to get started. Continue reading

New Study Points to Major Health Benefits of Indoor Plants and Outdoor Green Spaces for Employees

Interior plants in a modern office environment

HortTechnology recently released a study about the benefits of office plants and giving employees access to natural/green space. The study produced well-supported conclusions about the healing power of plants, and show a strong correlation between time spent with plants and employee/volunteer health. Continue reading