The 5 most common landscaping mistakes—and how to avoid them.

Gnome statue sitting in a beautiful garden

Whether you’re a first-year landscaper or you’ve been doing it for decades, discovering new ways to keep your landscape efficient, sustainable, and beautiful is much of the fun. But part of that means knowing how to recognize and avoid common mistakes. Here are five of the most frequent landscaping mistakes we see. Continue reading

Outdoor watering 101: tips for keeping your landscape healthy all year long.

Watering flowers using a hose with sprayer attachment

Watering your plants the right way is one of the best things you can do to keep your landscape lush and healthy—but it’s a little more complicated than turning on the sprinkler every few days. Weather, plant types, soil conditions, the time of year, and other factors can influence how and when you should be watering. Continue reading

How to protect your landscape from winter weather.

Brick house and landscape covered in snow

Here in Indiana, winter is a bit of mystery. We can get hit with ice and snow pretty much any time between November all the way into April, and predicting when it’s coming is difficult to say the least. That means you’ve got to be prepared—because if you’re not, ice, snow, and wind can do major damage to your landscape. Here’s what can you do to make sure your landscape is protected. Continue reading