Part 3: HOA Landscape Specifications and the Bidding Process

In our experience, we’ve found that an HOA typically decides to put their landscape contract out to bid for one of two reasons. Either they are checking the market in an effort to keep their current service provider honest or they’ve experienced poor service and are looking to improve the performance and look of the […] Continue reading… from Part 3: HOA Landscape Specifications and the Bidding Process

Part 2: Landscaping and your HOA Budget

When choosing a new home, homebuyers select a neighborhood based on many factors; location and price being the two most important considerations. But also important are the varying amenities that contribute to the look and feel of the community, like decorative and consistent signage, street lights, pools, playgrounds, clubhouses, meeting facilities, walking trails, and of […] Continue reading… from Part 2: Landscaping and your HOA Budget

Part 1: Developing an HOA Landscape Plan

Most neighborhoods and communities are governed by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). HOAs typically have specific covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCR), often called bylaws. CCRs are important because they establish the HOA board as a legal entity charged with maintaining the common areas, enforcing community standards, and identifying specific rules, regulations, and policies with which owners, […] Continue reading… from Part 1: Developing an HOA Landscape Plan

HOA Landscape Maintenance—an Introduction

Depending on whom you talk to, landscape maintenance can mean many different things. The property manager at a warehouse in an industrial park may only be concerned with mowing, whereas the facility manager at a downtown office building may just need plantings in a few seasonal containers out front. But when it comes to landscape […] Continue reading… from HOA Landscape Maintenance—an Introduction

Landscape Design and Your Brand

Is your landscape a reflection of your brand? At many levels, your property creates the critical first impression for new recruits, potential clients, and existing clients. At the simplest level, your landscape is a reflection of the attention to detail that you provide your clients. The phrase “God [is] in the detail[s]”—attributed to architect Mies […] Continue reading… from Landscape Design and Your Brand

Interior Plant Program FAQs

If you’re looking to add interior plants to your office environment, you’ve got several options. And one of those options is to participate in an interior plant program. But many people aren’t clear about how these programs work and their potential advantages. In order to help you better understand the basics of interior plant programs, […] Continue reading… from Interior Plant Program FAQs