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Landscape Design and Your Brand

Is your landscape a reflection of your brand? At many levels, your property creates the critical first impression for new recruits, potential clients, and existing clients.

At the simplest level, your landscape is a reflection of the attention to detail that you provide your clients. The phrase “God [is] in the detail[s]”—attributed to architect Mies van der Rohe—clearly applies to all your company represents. For instance, are your beds properly edged, shrubs neatly pruned, the lawn weed free, and hard surfaces swept and cleared of trash? If the landscape surrounding your building is a tired mess of overgrown plants and weedy turf, visitors could take that as a warning sign of what to expect from your products and services.

Taking it to the next level, does your property reflect the values of your company? It is amazing how many companies speak of being environmentally responsible, yet they fail to address this aspect in relation to their landscape. Instead, they have heavily irrigated and over-fertilized lawns; they use non-native and other plant material that requires extensive chemical pest management; they fail to use plant material in ways to naturally support the mechanical needs of the building; and they do nothing to clean storm water runoff from their massive parking lots. Addressing these issues may change the accepted aesthetic norm we’ve become accustomed to, but it presents an incredible opportunity to reinforce your values to clients, employees, recruits, and other guests.

At the highest level, we’re seeing the introduction of wellness amenities to corporate campuses. Most begin with designated fitness trails. Others have added outdoor sports facilities, like basketball courts and soccer fields. The most progressive have created parks and community gardens for their staff. In each instance, the amenities are tied to wellness programs through their human resources department. Not only do these programs positively impact insurance costs, absenteeism, and general morale among employees, but they also serve as a great recruitment tool to younger generations.

So again, is your landscape a reflection of your brand? Absolutely!

And if this isn’t enough, take your site branding more literal and paint an enormous logo on your lawn—using environmentally friendly products, of course. Maybe Google Earth will map it on its next fly over like it has to others that you can view in this fascinating  photo gallery.

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Originally published by Darwin Branded Environments on March 5, 2012.