8 Great Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Garden

Most of us have someone in the family with a green thumb—or at least know somebody who claims to have one. If there’s a special gardener you’re shopping for this holiday season, why not get them something that goes with their favorite hobby?

Luckily, we know a thing or two about gardening—and we have a few gift ideas for you. Check out eight of our favorites below.

Sun hat. When it comes to summer gardening here in Indiana, any gardener will tell you: It’s hot. One of the best ways to fight the heat is with a big, wide-brimmed sun hat to help shield you from harmful UV rays. While canvas hats offer great protection, don’t rule out straw hats. (If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make one yourself.)

Compost bin. While it might not exactly fit under a Christmas tree, a compost bin is an affordable gift that any gardener can use. You can buy these prefabricated, or you can create your own out of a large plastic or wooden container. And if you need any help learning how to create excellent compost, we’ve got all the info you need.

Hand cream. One of the quickest ways to halt a gardening hobby is dry, chapped hands. This can be a big issue, especially during early spring and late fall months when temperatures are low. Get the gardener in your life a hand cream made specifically for people who love to garden—they’ll thank you after a long day of weeding!

Garden kneeler. Even the young gardeners among us can get fatigued after attending to beds for an hour or two. A great solution to weary legs is a garden kneeler, which provides comfortable support for one or both knees while you’re planting, weeding, or pruning. Some even convert into chairs, or seating cushions. Any gardener would be sure to appreciate one—check a few out for yourself.

Succulent terrarium. A succulent terrarium is a great idea for anyone looking to bring their gardening hobby indoors. Succulents are easy to maintain, and they’re a great choice for beginning gardeners or someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to maintain plants. You can find succulent terrariums at most lawn and garden stores, or you can create your own.

Gardening toolbelt. This one is only for those who truly love flowers, trees, and shrubs, but you might be surprised just how much a toolbelt can make things easier for an avid gardener. Be sure to get one with plenty of room for shears, trowels, hand forks, and other gardening tools.

Birdhouse. It’s not going to make the job of gardening any easier, but a birdhouse is a great gift for a gardener because it’s a nice decoration—and it will attract beautiful birds. While some birds like crows can be a nuisance, most are completely harmless to plants, and they can help add beautiful sounds and scenery to any gardener’s life. You can even build and paint a birdhouse yourself.

Gardener Santa Claus ornament. Need we say more? From everyone here at Engledow: We wish a very happy holiday season to you and yours. And as always, if you ever have questions about plants or landscaping, don’t hesitate to contact us.





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