Keep on Growing: How Engledow Gave Back in 2019

Growth is something we talk about a lot at Engledow—but to us, growing means more than making sure the plants we love thrive. It means staying engaged and active with our community, too.

Central Indiana is our home, and we’ve been grateful to be here for nearly 90 years. Looking back on our staff’s service activities during 2019, we’re incredibly proud of the dedication they’ve shown to the city’s charities, and how they’ve taken advantage of so many opportunities to spread good cheer.

Here are some of the highlights!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is always important to our team, so we donated funds to a local nonprofit focused on breast cancer awareness and support for patients. To help raise even more awareness, we dressed up our Engledow trucks with pink ribbon magnets. Our employees wore pink ribbon pins throughout the month, too. We’ll definitely be doing this again next year since it was such a big success!

No-Shave November

The faces in Engledow’s offices changed a lot as we observed No-Shave November, when employees put down their razors for a month, raising awareness and funding for cancer research and treatment. The concept behind the movement is to embrace hair, which most cancer patients lose, and it encourages people to donate money normally spent on shaving products to cancer prevention.

Plenty of fun was had as faces got furrier, and we snapped before and after pictures to illustrate the progress. We also made a donation in honor of each team member who completed the challenge.

Lilly Global Day of Service 

Our employees put their plant-based expertise to work at four Eskenazi Health clinics last September during this year’s Lilly Day of Global Service. Since our mantra is about keeping things green and growing, we worked outside each clinic cleaning up overgrowth, planting dozens of shrubs and trees, and donating and delivering gravel and mulch. We know how much plants can help brighten people’s days, so we were happy to help.

National Indoor Plant Week

This year, we also celebrated National Indoor Plant Week by giving away 3,000 free Dracena MarginataDracaena Marginata plants to 3,000 happy recipients on MonumentCircle.Maintaining indoor plants improves air quality and attitudes, and it reduces illnesses. We wanted to share those positive health benefits with as many people as we could.

Summer Day of Fun

Giving back to our community means taking care of our team, too. So we set a day aside last summer where our entire staff got together for some old-school duckpin bowling at the Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis. A good time was had by all—and we got to know each other better, which has definitely made us even stronger as a team.

We’ll be keeping up our community support in 2020, so make sure to stay tuned to our blog and social media for all the details. And if you even need help with your landscape, hardscaping, or putting on your next big event, we’re the team to call.



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