Engledow’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

At Engledow, we’re always trying to learn more about popular plant-inspired interests. So we pay special attention to our most-viewed blog posts and, this year, we noticed a couple topics really grabbed your attention.

But there’s one post we’re especially proud to report is among our most visited this year: a January blog telling the story of our founder’s connection to the early days of Eagle Creek Park, back in the 1930s.

It all happened when B.T. Engledow—a young entrepreneur who started our landscaping business with a few tools and a $50 truck—met Indianapolis businessman and industrialist J.K. Lilly, Jr. Back then, Lilly had just started buying Eagle Creek Park’s acreage and hired B.T. to turn the expansive farmland into a natural forest preserve.

“As he worked on the project, my dad would take us out to Eagle Creek to see what was going on,” said Jack Engledow, B.T.’s oldest son and the former president of Engledow. “From the late 1930s up to the start of World War II, B.T. and his crew planted thousands of native Indiana forest trees on the land, including the beautiful walnut groves you see today. On top of that, they did lots of landscaping—much of what B.T. did is still around.”

But the story of B.T. and Eagle Creek wasn’t the only thing you found intriguing this year. Our other top five blog posts included:

  • A handy how-to guide that helps gardeners and hikers identify and avoid our state’s most-dangerous plants, including everything from poison ivy to the lesser-known Angel’s Trumpet, which has gorgeous golden flowers but is deadly if ingested.
  • A download of 2019’s landscaping trends. Who knew solar-powered weed-whacking robots and lunar gardening were a thing?
  • Six creative ideas to consider when designing or redesigning your deck. Add an outdoor kitchen and firepit or get stylish with tiles, pavers, and a variety of railing materials.
  • Tips on adding an outdoor nature sanctuary to your office, which can help improve employees’ health and mood around the workplace.

After looking back at all the visits to our blog this year, we’re happy so many people are using it as a resource to learn more about plants and landscaping. As we move into next year, we’ll definitely give you even more helpful info you can use—and a couple more fun stories.

Don’t forget we’re also your go-to experts for all things landscaping both at home and at work. If you have any landscaping needs, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!



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