It’s all about the trees: Help us celebrate Arbor Day 2018.

A freshly planted maple tree seedling with an Arbor Day sign next to it.If there’s one thing we love at Engledow, it’s trees. So it’s probably no surprise that one of our favorite holidays is Arbor Day: a day set aside to plant trees and celebrate all the benefits they give us.

Arbor Day started in Nebraska back in 1872 when Julius Sterling Morton, vice president of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, came up with the idea to devote a day to planting trees. To promote awareness, he suggested giving a prize to the person and county that planted the most—and the result was over a million trees planted across the state in 1872 alone.

Julius Sterling Morton would go on to become Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland, and would use his national platform to help spread the word about Arbor Day throughout the country. Today, Arbor Day is still widely celebrated every year on the last Friday in April. That means that this year, Arbor Day falls on Friday, April 27th.

There’s good reason to celebrate, because trees provide tremendous benefits to both our homes and environment. They can add significant value to your property, and can lower your energy costs by keeping your home cool with shade. They also add oxygen to our environment, help clean the air, and provide a natural habitat and food source for animals. Trees even help clean the water supply, and are useful for preventing erosion and eliminating runoff.

Engledow has a long history of planting trees around Indianapolis. Our founder B.T. Engledow’s first big client was the Eagle Crest Forest Preserve—today better known as Eagle Creek Park. He and his team planted thousands of trees there, and today it is one of our city’s most beautiful nature sanctuaries.

It’s easy to see why trees are so important to us, and why we’ve continued to celebrate Arbor Day throughout the years. We love that our community continues to celebrate with us, and there are plenty of fun Arbor Day events and things to do around Indiana. Here are a few to get you started:

Arbor Day might not be the most popular holiday on the calendar, but it’s one of our favorites—and we think it’s a special day that deserves more attention. So this year, consider planting a few trees on April 27th to help us celebrate. You can buy tree seeds to plant, or you can also check out Indiana’s tree seedling nurseries. And remember that you don’t have to wait until Arbor Day to plant a tree!

If you’re interested in adding trees to your property, contact us today. We’d love to show you our expertise, and why we’re so passionate about plants.

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