Firmly rooted in family values.

Engledow Group Shot - 50th Anniversary_SmallNot many companies can say they’ve had four generations of family working for their business. But I’m proud to say that Engledow has done just that: We currently have third-generation leadership with the fourth generation already working for us. So when we tell people landscaping is in our blood, we mean it.

Our business is a big family, and what holds a family together are values. These values guide us, and we think they are a big reason our company has had such staying power for so many years. They are:

  • Be honest in all business activities.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • Get and retain the best employees.
  • Treat staff fairly.
  • Engage with our community.
  • Put safety first.
  • Maintain utmost professionalism.
  • Have a strong brand.
  • Make smart decisions about growth.
  • Be an interesting workplace—and have fun!

Our values are at the foundation of everything we do. And one of those values in particular—engaging with our community—is key in explaining why I believe our company will continue to be around and successful for many years to come.

We’ve always held to the philosophy that if our community does well, so do we. With Indianapolis thriving recently, we’d like to think that we’ve helped play a part—however small—in that transformation. You can learn a little more about our role in helping shape the city in our video history series.

The community causes we support aren’t just important to us. They’re important to our clients, too. Whether that means overhauling an abandoned courtyard at Riley Hospital on a Saturday afternoon or spreading the word about the health benefits of indoor plants by handing them out for free on Monument Circle for National Indoor Plant Week, we’re actively engaged. And just being out in the community, talking with people, and getting others interested about plants goes a long way toward letting our city know we truly love it here.

Beyond the company’s involvement in our community, many of us are passionate about our own causes. Among our staff, we have two park board directors, Rotary members, the president of Indiana Children’s Home—the list goes on. We’re fortunate to have people who truly care about the wellbeing of Central Indiana, and these are always the type of people we look to employ.

As the years go by and the next generation of Engledows takes over, our company will inevitably pursue new opportunities and see plenty of changes. That’s just part of running a successful business.

But we’ll always be local. We’ll always make sure you can speak to someone named Engledow—or have them on your property—in just minutes. And we’ll always stick to the values that have been so important in making Engledow a name Central Indiana can count on—from this generation to the next.

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One thought on “Firmly rooted in family values.

  1. I was part of engledow group family
    Around of 15 year and my experience was the best in my life.
    They work hard to keep happy to a very body.

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