Engledow Group on Indy Style: Hardscaping Project Final Steps

We recently made our 3rd and final visit to Indy Style to discuss the final steps in completing a large scale hardscaping project (Our first visit, a broad overview of a hardscaping project, can be found here and our second visit, detailing preplanning and first steps of a project, can be found here).  The final stages of any hardscaping project is when everything comes together to give you a beautiful, finished project.

Donny Duke, the head of design with Engledow Estates, helps walk you through what to expect in the final stages of a hardscaping project.  This includes finishing up hardscape installation and planting trees and shrubs to complete the project.  Donny also explains why communication between the home owner and contractor is so important before, during, and after a project.

Do you have a hardscaping project in mind but don’t know where to begin?   Contact the hardscaping experts at Engledow Group.  For over 80 years, Engledow has provided the highest quality landscaping and hardscaping in Central Indiana.  Fill out this form to get the ball rolling on a no obligation visit from one of our design experts.

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