What We are Thankful for at Engledow Group

As I have mentioned in several of my past posting, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No frantic shopping, no gifts to buy. No late night firework displays or fighting the crowd at the Motor Speedway. No staying off of the roads to avoid those who have imbibed too much or having to buy heart shaped candy. Nope, none of the above. Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and giving thanks for the many blessings that we all have been given. I usually try and incorporate an appropriate quote into my writings – thoughts and input from those way smarter than I am. After much searching, I landed on the following from Meister Eckhart – a German religious philosopher from the 13th century:

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank-you,” that would suffice.

This simple two word phrase, so very appropriate during the Thanksgiving season, has the power to express feelings that would otherwise be very difficult to put into words. Thank-you is simple, heartfelt, and meaningful…both to those speaking the phrase and for those receiving it. So, from the corner office, many sincere thank-yous to the following:

  • To our forefathers who founded this great country and to the countless individuals who have served, and sacrificed, to allow us to live and worship as free Americans.
  • To our national leaders who, agree with them or not, have always had the best interests of the country foremost in their minds and actions.
  • To the farmers who work the ground and produce the bounty that covers our tables and table across the world.
  • To our local leaders who have transformed our Indianapolis hometown into a truly great place to live and work.
  • To our clients who, over the past 82 years, have placed their trust in our company and who allow us to beautify the places where they work and live.
  • To the organizations in Central Indiana that allow the Engledow Group to be of assistance with causes these organizations feel are important.
  • To our families – those who tend the home fires while we are out taking care of our clients. Your patience, understanding, and support are paramount to our success. You are the unseen but much appreciated backbone of the company.
  • To my fellow Engledow employees – you are the reason we are successful and it is an honor to be able to represent such an outstanding group of individuals. You all speak green and it shows!

Individually and collectively we have much to be thankful for. As we enter this season of reflection, think about the following question posed by William Arthur Ward:

 “God gave you a gift of 84,600 seconds today. Have you used one of them to say thank- you?”

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