2014 Holiday Decorating Tips

With Halloween in the rear view mirror and Thanksgiving right around the corner, the holiday season is on everyone’s mind. Thoughts are drifting towards food, fun, and family. However, the holiday season can also cause angst for some homeowners. Purchasing gifts, traveling to see family, hosting guests, and decorating the house are all aspects of the holiday season that many homeowners dread. Decorating your home for the holidays, however, does not have to be a nerve racking endeavor. With a few tips from Engledow Group, your holiday decorating can be stress free this year.

Get the Most “Bang For Your Buck”

When decorating your home for the holiday season, it is important to remember that you do not have to decorate each and every square foot of your home. Is it worth your time (and money) to decorate parts of the house that no one sees? Of course not. Before you start to decorate, you should think about which areas are going to be utilized the most and seen by the most people and focus your efforts there. If you are having a family gathering with everyone sitting at your dining room table, a long arrangement, or multiple small arrangements, would be a must. If you spend a lot of time around a fireplace, focus on a nice wreath for above the fireplace and garland around the mantle. If you are going to entertain and spend time in your family room, it is important to make sure this area is well decorated. Putting a few accent items in a main floor guest bathroom helps tie everything together. Also, let’s not forget, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of all decorations. It is with the Christmas tree that you set your “theme” and all decorations around the house should be inspired by the design of the tree.

Make Sure Your Decorations Fit the Space

We’ve all done it. We find something at the store that we love, buy it, bring it home, and it doesn’t fit where we want it to go, or is too small for the space. Sound familiar? These poorly fitting decorations can make your holiday decorations appear out of place and unwieldy. Who wants to sit down at a table and not be able to talk to others because the centerpiece is too tall? There is a simple fix for this problem: measure before you buy! Before you go out to buy your decorations, make a few quick measurements. How tall should the centerpiece be as not to obstruct views across the table? How long is my mantle so that I buy a long enough garland? What is the size of the blank space above my fireplace so that I can buy the right sized wreath? By taking a few quick measurements, you will ensure that all of your decorations are to scale and fit in the space.

Pick a Style And Stay Consistent!

Although there are countless different styles you can use when decorating for the holidays, they can be easily broken down into two categories: traditional and non-traditional. Traditional themed decorations are fairly straight forward. Lots of red, green, and white colors are utilized, along with round wreaths and ornaments. Natural elements are also used, including pine cones and birch branches. Non-traditional themes can be anything you want them to be. Maybe you want to remember your annual summer vacation with a beach themed tree? You can also use non-traditional colors, like purples, blues, and oranges to make your decorations unique. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Once you decide on a theme, make sure to keep all of your decorations consistent throughout your home. This will keep your decorations from looking haphazard and thrown together.

By follow a few simple tips, you can take the stress and worry out of your holiday decorating this year. If you have any questions for our holiday experts, please call us at (317) 575-1100, or fill out the form below.



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