The Rise of The Succulent Plants

No plant variety has come on the scene in recent years quite like succulents. Once a niche plant, you can now find succulents used everywhere, from office buildings to home greenhouses. There are many reasons why the succulent has become such a popular plant. First, they are extremely easy to take care of. They are very tolerant of low water levels and often thrive in these types of environments. Second, they are beautiful interior plants with a wide variety of styles and shapes. With their rise in popularity in recent years,

What, exactly, are succulents?

Succulents are categorized as plants that have parts that are abnormally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water. This is why they have the ability to survive and thrive in dry, arid conditions. Indeed, many succulents come from dry areas, such as the desert, semi-desert, and steppes. Along with their thick flesh, succulents also have other water-saving characteristics. One such feature is their extremely thick outer skin, or cuticle. This makes them far less likely to lose water out of their flesh and allows them to retain a maximum amount of moisture. Another water-maximizing feature is their root systems. Succulent roots grow in very thick and only penetrate their soil a few inches. This gives them the ability to absorb even the smallest amount of water rapidly. Last, succulents use their stems as their main point of photosynthesis, not in the leaves like most plants. Again, this allows them to retain more water than your average houseplant.

How do I properly care for my succulent?

Despite the fact that succulents are extremely easy to maintain, it is still important that they receive the proper care. After all, you want your plant to not only survive, but thrive! Succulents like to receive a lot of direct light. A south facing window is an ideal spot for succulents. Coming from deserts, they can handle it!

Watering for succulents is fairly straightforward. They should be watered generously in summer, with a cut-back in watering during the winter months. They should be given a good drink of water and then allowed to dry out completely. Succulents should never be allowed to sit in water. If a succulent sits in water, there is a high probability that it will develop root rot, which is the number one killer of succulents.

When planting a succulent, it is important to get a fast-draining variety of potting soil . You can find this at your local garden center and should be labeled for use with cactus and succulent plants. With roots so near the surface of the soil, it is important to have fast-draining soil so that root rot does not develop. Fertilization of succulents should occur during the summer months and stopped completely in the winter.

What type or style of succulent is right for me?

Succulents come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. With so many varieties available, how can you tell which kind would fit you best? The easiest way to see a wide variety of succulents is through a quick internet search . This way, you can see all the different varieties and styles of succulents and pick out which one will work best for your needs.

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