National Indoor Plant Week 2014

Wednesday, September 17th will be the 3rd annual plant give-a-way on Monument Circle to celebrate National Indoor Plant Week.  This week of celebration was started in 2009 as a way to educate the public about the many health benefits of indoor plants.  Plants help to reduce allergens in the air, stabilize relative humidity, and help reduce noise pollution indoors.  Along with these environmental benefits, indoor plants also offer many human benefits.  Plants have been shown to improve the quality of indoor air, thus creating a healthier environment in which to work and live.  Plants have also been shown to reduce absenteeism in offices and help reduce stress levels in office workers.

Watch our most recent visit to Indy Style to learn more about our event on September 17th and if you have any other interior plant questions, please give us a call at   (317) 575-1100, or fill out the form below.


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2 thoughts on “National Indoor Plant Week 2014

  1. Hi, im emailing you in regards to today’s event. Me and my daughter arrived at the location at 1ish to find out all the plants were gone and on tv it said the event was until 2pm.

    • Brenda-
      We are very sorry that you missed out on the plants. We started our event at 11 am with 3,000 plants and we estimated that it would take until 2 pm to distribute them all. However, demand was high this year and all the plants were given away by 1 pm. I am very you and your daughter missed out this year. Follow Engledow on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up to date on when next year’s event will take place.

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