Mowing for a Healthier Lawn

Lawn Mowing TipsSummer is upon us once again and the time honored tradition of cutting the lawn is in full swing. A well-kept, dark green lawn will make you the envy of the entire neighborhood. However, many homeowners struggle to keep their lawn healthy during the summer months. The best way to keep your lawn looking terrific throughout the summer is through proper maintenance, which includes mowing. By using these easy lawn mowing tips, your lawn will be the talk of the neighborhood, for all the right reasons.

Keep Your Lawn at a Healthy Height

Many homeowners make the mistake of cutting their grass too short, a practice known as “scalping.” They do this to keep their lawn from looking too long and overgrown. However, scalping can have serious consequences to the health of the grass. By cutting the grass too short, the amount of leaf tissue available for photosynthesis is greatly reduced. This makes the grass turn brown and makes it more susceptible to pests and disease.

As a general rule, your grass should be cut at a minimum of three and a half inches. Taller grass will encourage roots to grow longer, making your grass more tolerant of heat and drought. Longer grass will also help to shade out weeds and will improve moisture retention in the soil.

If your lawn grows particularly tall, resist the urge to keep your lawn mower set to three and a half inches. Instead, over the course of several mowing cycles gradually reduce the mower deck until you reach your preferred height.

Mulch, Don’t Bag, Your Grass Clippings

There are many reasons why you should mulch your grass clippings rather than bag them. Grass clippings contain nitrogen, which will keep your lawn healthy and helps it to achieve a dark green color. Also, mulching saves you time. If you have ever bagged the clippings from your lawn, you know that it is very labor intensive and greatly increases the amount of time it takes to cut a lawn. Finally, research has shown that grass clippings do not contribute to lawn thatch, as previously thought.

Keep Your Lawn Mower Blades Sharp

Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp helps to keep your lawn healthy. A sharp blade “cuts” the grass where a dull blade “tears” the grass. A sharp blade provides a clean cut, which helps the grass to heal faster and promotes photosynthesis. Dull blades lead to browning and make your lawn more susceptible to pests and disease. It is a good idea to have your lawn mower blade sharpened two to three times a season to ensure.

By following these three easy mowing tips, you will be on your way to a thicker, healthier lawn this summer. If you have questions regarding your property, feel free to give us a call at 317-575-1100 or simply fill out the form below.


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