2013: A Year In Review

First, and foremost, the doors are still open, green trucks continue to circulate throughout Indianapolis and neighboring cities, and, by last count, 125 employees call Engledow Group their work home. By mid-March our employee count will grow to almost 200 and our company will enter its 82nd year in business.

The founders of the company (B.T. and Carrie Engledow) would hardly recognize the company they started in the back room of a seed store during the height of the depression. At that time snow simply melted, tropical plants lived in places far from central Indiana, and there was no money available for extravagant parties and celebrations. When the ground froze, the work stopped until spring—a concept which is completely foreign to our company today.

Today’s Engledow Group runs full-steam, 12 months a year. If we are not cleaning up leaves or pruning, we are installing poinsettias and Christmas décor across central Indiana. If we’re not installing, we’re maintaining interior plants. If we’re not maintaining, we’re pushing snow, spreading salt, and setting up holiday parties for our clients. And before spring arrives, contracts have to be signed, landscape designs finalized, plant and flower orders placed, and additional employees hired to help handle the workload.

So what about 2013? In looking at the big picture, it was a year of challenge and change. We experienced reasonable growth throughout the organization which created both opportunity and some growing pains along the way. But the growing pains turned into teachable moments, and as a result have made us very excited for what 2014 has in store. We enter the new year with many new faces that possess lots of energy and enthusiasm. As longtime employees retired and left to pursue other interests, voids were created, but we are thrilled with the quality of our new employees and anticipate them playing a major role in our success this upcoming year.

I would be remiss if I were not to mention our two MVPs: our employees and our loyal clients. To my fellow employees—a huge thank you. You are everything Engledow Group stands for. Our accomplishments are because of your hard work and your dedication to providing the finest horticultural services in the state of Indiana.

I should have started this message talking about our clients because, honestly, without them, this message has very little meaning. Engledow Group has a singular mission which, when reduced to its simplest form, is to take care of our clients. If we adhere to high standards of excellence, pay attention to the details, offer outstanding design, and continue raising the bar, all while providing exceptional customer service, we will further our reputation of being the finest horticultural service provider in central Indiana. Our clients deserve the very best we have to offer.

To both my fellow employees and our clients—thank you for being a part of the Engledow Family in 2013.

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