The History of Engledow: A Truly Super Event

Engledow may best be known for landscaping and plant care, but in the 1980s company leadership saw an opportunity to move into the events industry by offering short-term plant rentals for board meetings, conferences, and tradeshows. Since that time we’ve grown our events division into one of the largest in Indianapolis—providing everything from furniture, lighting, event décor, props, table centerpieces, truss bars and architecture, back drops, and much more.

But the true test came in 2012 as Indianapolis prepared to host Super Bowl XLVI. In the final video in a five-part series on the history of Engledow Group, you’ll see how our events division stepped up to the plate by working with city officials and business leaders to plan and implement numerous events surrounding the festivities, including the opening day media party held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the New England Patriots team party, and assisting with various elements in Super Bowl Village.

Super Bowl XLVI elevated the profile of this great city while having a huge impact on the continued success of Engledow Group. It was truly a super event and one that we are proud to have been involved with.

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