The History of Engledow: Bringing Downtown to Life

Engledow has been a part of Indianapolis for more than 80 years, but we didn’t just fall off the landscaping truck. We’ve experienced the growth of the city first-hand—from sleepy India-no-place to the world-class center of business, sports, arts, culture, and entertainment our city has rapidly become. This growth became evident when Bill Hudnut took office in 1976, placing a greater emphasis on the aesthetics of downtown Indianapolis.

In the fourth video in a five-part series on the history of Engledow Group, you’ll see how the company has contributed to both the transformation and success of the city. Downtowns typically consist of glass, concrete, asphalt, brick, and granite—and to inject flowers and living plant material into that type of environment simply brings life.

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  1. Miss all you guys…..nice to see Ed….let him know I still have those pennies….lol. Proud of the company and all of you guys.

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