The History of Engledow: 80 Years and Counting

In 1932, as America was in the early throes of the Great Depression, B.T. Engledow bought a Ford Model A truck and launched his own landscaping business. That spirit of courage and determination has guided The Engledow Group throughout our 80-year history, and it’s why we’re still here. But there were plenty of bumps in the road—difficult times that, as much as the good ones, define who we are today.

Above you’ll find the first video in a five-part series on the history of Engledow. They are short videos; each one is less than 2 minutes long. As you watch, you’ll hear straight from the Engledow family: Jack Engledow, his brother Ed Engledow, and Jack’s son, Jim Engledow. Jack and Ed are both past presidents of the company, and Jim, the current president.

Their story is our story. And we’re glad to share it with you.

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