Simple Yet Elegant Tropical Containers

With summer just around the corner, we worked with one of our clients—a prime steakhouse and seafood restaurant on the northside of Indianapolis—to develop several exterior tropical containers around their business. Our expert horticulturalists chose large agave (tall, middle containers) and flapjack kalanchoe (short, outside containers) to create a splashy entrance to this high-end restaurant.

Flapjack kalanchoe is named for the fleshy leaves that stack on top of one another like pancakes. It will reach about 2 feet in height at maturity and will also develop a spiky, dark yellow bloom. Flapjack kalanchoe is typically grown indoors, but it can be grown outside in appropriate zones (8-10) or during summer months.

Large agave are native to Mexico, the southwest United States, and can also be found in parts of South America. It is a succulent in which many species exist. Agave plants can range in size from a foot up to several feet and larger depending on a variety factors including maturity, species, and growing conditions. Agave plants do best in zones 8-10, although some will do well in zone 7.

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