Cultivating More Than Just Plants

A good business story always starts with a great relationship. And at Engledow, nothing is more important to us than our relationships with our clients.

VMS BioMarketing’s corporate culture is one that fosters and encourages personal relationships, too. They empower patients by helping them take control of their diagnosis, and by educating them thoroughly so they understand the positive impact complex treatments can have on their health. In other words, VMS relies on clear communication and strong relationships to support and improve the lives of people struggling with illness.

When it came to the type of interior plant design VMS wanted to create in their office, adjectives like modern, functional, sophisticated, and innovative were at the center of their ideas. Staff comfort and encouragement of creativity in the work environment were also critical. And that meant designing plant arrangements that both complemented and built upon the existing office environment.

In order to help achieve their vision for interior design, VMS turned to Engledow. And we’re glad they did, because they provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase our talents while also helping VMS cultivate their innovative and organic culture through interesting plant material and inventive arrangements.

One especially interesting element of the VMS design is the head pots—ceramic sculpted pots literally in the shape of a human head—placed around the office. It was VMS’s idea to use these unique pots, but they wanted us to come up with the perfect plants to fill them. So we used plants like ponytail palm and ivy that we thought would inspire innovative thinking and creativity. And we think they turned into an excellent metaphor for thoughts “growing” around the office.

Another unique component we helped to develop at VMS is the planting area on the back porch. The back porch is not an actual back porch, but rather a creative workspace dedicated to fostering innovation and supporting the company’s Midwestern work ethic. This area contains a screen door, porch swing, and bicycles. To complement the space, we filled containers with tall, artificial grass to simulate the look of wheat. And to further the Midwestern theme and fuel the cultivation of ideas and organic growth, VMS also plans to plant and sow corn.

Even though Engledow and VMS are in completely different areas of business, both of our companies share an important common ground: unwavering passion for what we do. And VMS helped us put our passion to work by familiarizing us with their culture, giving us a clear theme to work with (“innovative and creative thinking”), and by helping us capitalize on the unique design elements of their workspace.

When we cultivate relationships with our clients through communication like we did with VMS BioMarketing, great things start to happen. And we can make great things happen for you, too.

If you’re interested in learning more about Engledow’s commercial interior design services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 317.575.1100. Together, we can cultivate amazing.

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