Engledow Staff Member Named Employee of the Year

Garry Alexander received the prestigious Employee of the Year award from the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association (INLA) at the 2013 Green Excellence Award ceremony at the Indiana Convention Center held in conjunction with the Indiana Green Expo.

This award is presented to an individual on staff at an INLA member business where he/she has significantly contributed to the growth of that business and its standing in the community.

Garry joined Engledow Group in 1984 after a stint as a union carpenter, deciding to put his Horticulture Degree from Purdue University to use. Even though Garry left Engledow in 2000 to pursue a career in building golf courses, he returned in 2004 and has been an instrumental part of the landscape construction division ever since.

“Garry is an employee in our business that everyone looks up to” said Dale Morris, recently retired veteran from Engledow’s landscape construction division and former INLA Employee of the Year recipient. “If another division has a special project they need help with, Garry is the first person they go to. If salt needs to be spread at 2:00 a.m. after an unexpected ice storm, Garry is more than willing to lend a hand. When talking with established clients about future work, we are often asked, ‘Is Garry going to be on the project?’ Simply put, Garry has had a huge impact on our business and the landscape industry as a whole.”

During Garry’s tenure at Engledow he has worked on projects for financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, athletic associations, and private residences. On the jobsite, Garry is a natural leader and is well respected among peers, management, and ownership alike.

Dedication. Leadership. Honesty. Integrity. Work ethic. These are all things an employer looks for when hiring. And since 1984 Engledow has been fortunate to have an employee that meets all of these criteria, and then some.

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