Keep Your Indoor Plants Happy Through Winter

It’s been a while since we’ve had to worry about, or even consider, the effects of cold temperatures on interior plants. But the forecast calls for some very cold days and nights. Following are some cold weather care tips to help keep your indoor plants healthy and happy as winter pushes on.

Indoor and tropical plants can be damaged if exposed to temperatures below 55 degrees, even if for a short time. The colder the temperature, the more easily and severely damaged they can become. A good way to think of it is if you’re cold, your plants are likely cold, too. So be aware of drafty areas created by open lobby doors and entrances. If doors must be left open or if your office receives a high volume of visitors, consider moving or covering the plants to provide some protection from the cold.

It can be difficult to diagnose cold damage to plants as it often takes a few days for signs to show and by then the weather may have warmed. Even though the plant may not actually be dead, cold damaged leaves do not recover and are very unsightly. Frozen plants are much easier to identify—remember how ugly the begonias were after the first hard frost and you’ll get some idea of what frozen plants look like. Frozen plants do not recover.

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