80 Years of Excellence. Thanks to You!

2012 has been an incredible year for the Engledow Group. It has been a year marked by lots of changes—a new website, new employees, and new projects—but one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to excellence. And, with 2012 coming to a close, we are proud to say it’s a commitment that’s been our guiding principle since our founding in 1932.

One of the most exciting things about this year has been the unique new projects we’ve taken on. One of our favorites—the Living Wall at the Indianapolis Marriott East—gave us an especially fun and challenging opportunity. We integrated a plant arrangement that vertically surrounds the Marriott East entry doors, takes up no floor space, and provides the entire lobby with immense aesthetic value. It was an ambitious project, and we’re happy to report that the end result is outstanding.

Indianapolis’ hosting of Super Bowl XLVI gave our Events Division a chance to showcase their expertise on a national stage. Working around the clock, our crews provided event décor for the Super Bowl Village, numerous parties held throughout the area, and a truly unique media welcoming event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. People are still talking about the success of the Super Bowl, and we’re proud to have been a part of this achievement.

This year we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of donating our time and resources to the Monument Circle Flower Program in partnership with WellPoint. This ongoing initiative is just one of many things we do for our community. We’re happy we can give back by making our city a little more vibrant and attractive, and can help beautify our hometown—a town that has been so good to us over the past 80 years.

We’re also happy to report that Litchfield Landscape, which specializes in high-end residential design and landscaping, was awarded “Best in Show” at the 23rd annual Orchard In Bloom. This nationally recognized garden show attracts more than 9,000 visitors each year, and this award helps recognize all the great work that’s going on at Litchfield.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to some exceptional employees as they made the transition to retirement. Their expertise will be missed, but we are very excited about all the new faces we’ve hired. Many have already made a positive impact on our company and we look forward to their contributions in the future. We’ve been truly blessed to be able to put together such an innovative, devoted, and hard-working group of individuals.

While 2012 was a great year for all of us, the Engledow Group is poised to have its best year yet in 2013. We couldn’t do it without our exceptional staff, but we also couldn’t do it without our wonderful clients. You enable us to do what we are passionate about and we pledge to continue upholding our standards of excellence, attention to detail, horticultural expertise, outstanding design, and uncompromising customer service. These traits are what you have come to expect from us, and you deserve it. Thank you for being a part of the Engledow Family.

So here’s to 2013—may it bring you happiness, success, and (of course) green, healthy plants.

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