One of our favorite holidays: National Indoor Plant Week

National Indoor Plant WeekYou already know plants look nice around your home and office—but did you know they also provide a wide range of health benefits?

That’s one of the messages Engledow took to the streets as part of National Indoor Plant Week (September 16-22). We wanted people to know the many benefits plants bring to indoor office environments. Interior plants can help improve your quality of life by:

  • Reducing airborne molds and bacteria by up to 60 percent.
  • Stabilizing relative humidity.
  • Reducing airborne dust levels.
  • Reducing levels of formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon.
  • Reducing dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Boosting productivity and encouraging positive attitudes.
  • Reducing absenteeism due to sickness from poor air quality.
  • Reducing noise and distractions.
  • Increasing oxygen levels.
  • Creating a positive impressions with visitors.

During this year’s National Indoor Plant Week, we celebrated by giving away 2,000 potted plants on Monument Circle in Indianapolis.

“Today was a great success. We gave away all 2,000 plants in just a few hours while educating lots of people about the many advantages of maintaining healthy indoor plants,” said Jim Engledow, president and CEO of Engledow Group.

National Indoor Plant Week was established to bring nationwide awareness to the value of interior plants. And our involvement in the week’s festivities was both fun and productive. It was great to see all the positive reactions we got from the people we met on the Circle.

“People were surprised to hear how ordinary surfaces around their home and office—surfaces like carpet, paint, and wallpaper—can give off harmful chemicals. But they were happy to hear they could greatly reduce these harmful airborne chemicals simply by keeping healthy plants around,” said Lael George, director of Interior Plant Services for Engledow Group.

Free plants and better environment? It was a win-win, as far as we’re concerned. A big thank-you to everyone who helped make this year’s event possible—and don’t miss out next year when we’ll be at it again!

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