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Lawn Care

To us, commercial landscape maintenance is about more than just lawn care. It’s a statement about your company. So whether it’s mowing, edging, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, pest control, or simply cleaning up after a big job, our landscape maintenance team gets it done, and gets it done right.

At Engledow, we understand that Mother Nature can bring lots of unexpected changes to your landscape throughout the year. And some of these changes—like dandelions, crabgrass, and pest infestations—can cause problems for your turf. That’s why we employ licensed pesticide and chemical applicators, allowing us to manage and eradicate pests and weeds throughout your property. It’s just another way our landscape maintenance services can help you have the greenest, healthiest property in town.

Our decades of experience and passion for all things green add up to one thing: a beautiful lawn that lasts. And because we stand behind our work, you can rest assured your lawn will be lush and vibrant all through the growing season.

Don’t forget that we can also help you with maintaining your existing flowers, trees, and shrubs, specialize in custom landscape design and installation, and can provide snow removal services.

Find out more about what our commercial lawn care services can do for you and your business by contacting us anytime through the form below. Or feel free to give us a call at 317.575.1100.


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