Get a free plant when you help us celebrate National Indoor Plant Week 2017!

It’s September, and that means it’s time for our favorite holiday: National Indoor Plant Week! We’re celebrating on Wednesday, September 13 on the south steps of Monument Circle (11am – 1pm) where we’ll be giving away 3,000 potted plants. Pierogi Loves Indy and La Margarita food trucks will be on site, and there’ll be a chance to win a St. Elmo’s gift card, too.

This year, we’re giving away philodendron—one of our favorite indoor plants. Philodendron are a large and diverse genus of flowering plants with 489 species, and they are traditionally easy to take care of. They do well in pots and usually only require moderate to low light (although bright light is best).

Philodendron are famously hearty, able to survive in the wild in many different climates throughout the world. From tropical swamps to mountains, you can find these plants on every continent except Antarctica. They usually grow together in large groups and thrive best in these situations—sometimes at the expense of other nearby plants. But in your home or office, their heartiness is a big advantage, as it makes them simple to manage.

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetic of your office, indoor plants are a great place to start—and they have lots of health benefits, too. Our team at Engledow can get you set up with the right indoor plants for your space, and we can also help you manage and care for them. We even offer both leasing and buying options, giving you the freedom to choose the right fit for your business.

At Engledow, plants are our passion. Which is why we’re so excited every year when we get the chance to celebrate National Indoor Plant Week. We think every home and office should be a little greener—and if you agree, come join us at Monument Circle around lunchtime on Wednesday, September 13 for a beautiful free plant. See you there!

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