Engledow and Outreach: A Budding Relationship

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Engledow Group has been a part of the Indianapolis landscape for over 80 years. We like to think that in that time, we have made our hometown a better place to work, live, and raise a family. Engledow is not alone in wanting to improve the city of Indianapolis. Through the years, we have partnered with many exemplary organizations to help give back to our community. One of our most recent partnerships was with Outreach, an organization that has touched thousands of lives around Central Indiana.

Outreach as started almost 25 years ago with one goal in mind: help provide for the physical and emotional needs of Indianapolis’ homeless youth. Much like Engledow, Outreach had humble beginnings. It all started with sandwiches and conversations. Outreach’s founder, Eric Howard, brought sandwiches to the homeless youth camps on the east side of Indianapolis. While there, he spoke to the youth and nurtured relationships that so many of the youth desperately needed. As many of them had no one else to turn to, Outreach wanted to be a safe place where homeless teens can have a meaningful relationship with adults.

As the needs of the youth expanded, so did the services offered by Outreach. The group expanded quickly and currently serves around 500 youth a year and resides in a beautiful building on the east side of Indianapolis. It is here that Outreach provides the youth with food, clothing, showers, computer labs, laundry services, and hygiene essentials, like soap and shampoo. But more importantly, this is where the youth can engage, form relationships, and get some sorely needed emotional stability. As Jason Chenoweth, current CEO says “When you talk about a youth who is homeless, it is much more than just not having a house; it’s the lack of a home”.

While Outreach specializes in taking care of Indianapolis’ homeless youth, Engledow is the expert at creating a beautiful environment for all types of businesses. When Outreach came to us, they needed help with a variety of landscaping needs around their facility. Our team provided a variety of services at the facility. This included the cutting down of perennial plants and pulling of weeds. We also cleaned, edged, and mulched a variety of beds around the property. We also mowed some grass and limbed up some trees, along with a quick clean-up of the parking lot. We gave the landscaping some much needed updates and made the grounds look spectacular.

While not everyone can help with Outreach’s landscaping, there are many other ways that you can get involved to help this tremendous non-profit. The easiest way is to visit their website . At the top of their page, there is a “Get Involved” tab, where you can find information on how to donate or volunteer.

While we love maintaining properties, Engledow has so much more to offer. From lighting to flowers, indoor plants to paver patios, Engledow has all of your landscaping needs covered. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

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