Best Interior Plants for Beginners

Nothing helps bring a room to life quite like indoor tropical plants. They provide the room with numerous benefits, including cleaner air and a better mood for the rooms inhabitants. However, picking out the right plant and maintaining it over the long term are daunting tasks for those without prior experience. Our Engledow Code Green Team has picked out 4 easy to maintain indoor tropical plants that are great for beginners.

Sansaveria: This long, thin leaved plant, also known as a Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, is a floor plant that comes in over 70 different varieties. This is a great plant for beginners because it is very hearty and can thrive in a variety of different light conditions. Although they prefer higher light levels, they will do just fine in low to medium light as well. They can reach a maximum height of 4 feet and are a wonderful accent plant for any type of room. It is important to note that this plant variety is susceptible to root rot, so it is imperative that they be planted in a well-draining soil mixture. Sansaveria prefer to dry out in between waterings, so make sure that the soil is nice and dry before giving them a drink.

Aglaonema: These broad leaved floor plants, also known as a Chinese Evergreens, are the perfect addition to any room. Aglaonema’s come in a variety of colors and variegations, which allows the owner to pick out just the right variety for their indoor space. These plants thrive in low to medium light and like to stay evenly moist; not too wet and not too dry. While these plants are relatively short (less than 3 feet), they can grow especially wide with age.

Pothos: These beautiful vining plants make the list because they are so well suited for almost any part of your indoor space. They can take low to high light and are the perfect accent plant for a side table, bookshelf, or cabinet. Pothos like to dry out before being watered. One of the coolest features of this plant is the fact that trimmings will root and survive in a water environment. Simply cut a small portion of the original plant then stick the trimming in a vase of water. Over time, it will develop roots and start to grow on its own. The unique feature allows you to turn one Pothos plant into as many as you want!

Marginata: This tall, skinny plant with long, pointy leaves makes a beautiful addition to your home or office. Because this plant is so tall, yet relatively “skinny”, it fits perfectly into tight spaces. Its abundant foliage gives this plant a very “full” look year round. Marginatas prefer medium to bright light and prefer to dry out between waterings. Although some have been known to grow upwards of 10 feet tall, most will stay between 3-6 feet in height.

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