Garden Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and it is time to show all the Mother’s out there our appreciation for all that they do.  Finding a perfect gift to express the appreciation can be a daunting task.  If your Mother has a green thumb, check out some of these great gift ideas for Mother’s Day.


Mom’s love flowers on Mother’s Day, but Geraniums_1unfortunately they don’t last more than a week..  Rather than spending a lot of money on flowers that will be dead in short time, you should think about purchasing mom some perennial or annual flowers.  Better yet, not only buy them for her, but plant them as well!  This way, your mom will be able to enjoy her Mother’s Day present all year long, and in the case of perennial flowers, for years to come.  There are many varieties of perennials and annuals that thrive in Central Indiana, depending on what your Mother likes.

Garden Tools

Odds are your mother has an assortment of garden tools that she has collected over the years.  Some were given to her, while others were purchased for specific projects.  Many are probably old or worn out.  Buying her a set of nice, uniform gardening tools would be a great gift idea.  There are many to choose from, either online or at your local hardware store.  If your Mother has always loved gardening, but doesn’t love the wear and tear that it puts on her body, think about buying her some ergonomic gardening tools.  There have been great advances in gardening tools that can be used with minimal effort and are easy to use. Here are some great ideas:

–          Hand Tools, such as spades and pruners.

–          Kneeling benches to reduce stress on lower body joints and back.

–          Weeders and Leaf gloves reduce back strain.


In this high tech world, every gardening mom needs some gadgets to 02032c-alt-800x800make her job a little easier.  In recent years, cell phone apps have become all the rage and there are many great gardening apps that your Mom could use to improve her garden.  From Garden Squared, which will help her plot out her vegetable garden, to Landscapers Companion, which provides information on over 26,000 plants, the options are varied, depending on your Mother’s need.  Another great gadget is a digital weather station.  This would enable your Mom to keep tabs on all sorts of useful information, including temperature, humidity levels, and rainfall totals, all from the comfort of her home.  This will make gardening activities easier to plan and lets your Mom know just how much water her plants are getting.  Finally, everyone needs a few “wow” items for their landscape, to impress both guests and neighbors.  Options are only limited by your imagination, everything from unique garden lighting to cutting edge planters.

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