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New Study Points to Major Health Benefits of Indoor Plants and Outdoor Green Spaces for Employees

Interior plants in a modern office environment

HortTechnology recently released a study about the benefits of office plants and giving employees access to natural/green space. The study produced well-supported conclusions about the healing power of plants, and show a strong correlation between time spent with plants and employee/volunteer health. Continue reading

The 5 most common landscaping mistakes—and how to avoid them.

Gnome statue sitting in a beautiful garden

Whether you’re a first-year landscaper or you’ve been doing it for decades, discovering new ways to keep your landscape efficient, sustainable, and beautiful is much of the fun. But part of that means knowing how to recognize and avoid common mistakes. Here are five of the most frequent landscaping mistakes we see. Continue reading

Is your business’s irrigation system doing its job? Here are a few signs it isn’t.

Puddle of water in lawn caused by a damaged irrigation line.

If you maintain a landscape as part of your business, chances are good you’ll need to deal with irrigation. Properties that range from sprawling office parks to small storefronts can have irrigation issues; if you don’t know what to look for, these issues can do major damage before you even know what happened. Continue reading

Outdoor watering 101: tips for keeping your landscape healthy all year long.

Watering flowers using a hose with sprayer attachment

Watering your plants the right way is one of the best things you can do to keep your landscape lush and healthy—but it’s a little more complicated than turning on the sprinkler every few days. Weather, plant types, soil conditions, the time of year, and other factors can influence how and when you should be watering. Continue reading

Rain barrels are an eco-friendly way to lower your water bill—and they’re simple to make.

Person watering plants using water collected in rain barrel

If you’re looking for a fun and easy project this spring, you might consider making a few rain barrels. These large containers collect water from your downspouts, which you can use for lots of different purposes like watering your lawn, giving your flowers and shrubs a drink, scrubbing your deck, or washing your car. Continue reading

Compost helps your plants thrive. Here’s how to make your own.

Compost bin with an open lid showing landscape debris, egg shells, and vegetable scraps.

Creating a compost pile is a simple, rewarding activity that can lead to more beautiful flowers, bigger vegetables, and a greener lawn—but you have to do it the right way for the best results. Fortunately, composting is inexpensive and doesn’t take too much time, so we wanted to give you a few tips on how to get started. Continue reading

Eco-friendly gardens: 7 ways you can help protect the environment with self-sustaining gardening habits.

Woman filling a watering can from rain barrel

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor project this spring, planting and taking care of an eco-friendly garden is a great choice. It’s a fulfilling activity that helps you enjoy nature while staying mindful about your environmental impact, and it’s an ideal way to add beauty to your property. Continue reading