The History of Engledow Group

Trustworthy. Hardworking. Reliable.

Those are the kinds of words long-time clients use when they talk about Engledow.

We’re proud of those words. We’ve worked long and hard to earn them.

It started back in 1932, when B.T. Engledow purchased a used truck for $50 and launched what was then called Engledow Tree and Landscape Service. Just two years later, he opened Engledow’s Seed Store at the corner of 38th and Illinois.

A lot has changed since then. There’s no longer a seed store, and Engledow now offers a lot more than tree and landscape services.

But more important is what hasn’t changed. To this day, the business remains in the Engledow family, now owned and operated by B.T.’s two sons, Jack and Ed Engledow, and his grandsons, Jim and Todd.

And although Engledow has grown to be one of the biggest landscape design and maintenance firms in the Indianapolis area, providing corporate landscaping, interior plants, landscape design and maintenance for private estates—plus holiday decorating, and event planning—our principles have remained the same.

We are still driven by concern for our client’s bottom line. We still take pride in providing customers with unfailingly friendly and helpful service. We’re still loyal to our local roots. And we still listen to our clients—really listen—as we deliver the best available service and products at a fair and reasonable price.

A hardworking, trustworthy, and reliable company—that’s what B.T. Engledow set out to create more than 80 years ago. And it’s what we are today.